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My Memories Of Fisons and Apollo 11 in 1969

July 17, 2019

Apollo 11 Mission and my memories

Incredible and so nostalgic videos. For us oldies, can you remember where you were during the first Moon Landing on July 20th 1969, I certainly can.

I remember where I was as I had been relocated from Fisons Pharmaceuticals (Bengers site) at Holmes Chapel to a new suite of research labs at Loughborough in late 1968 and was then in ‘digs’ with a colleague in our landlord’s own home. I used to drive home every Friday back to Crewe and come back on a Sunday evening. The moon landing was on a Sunday and I remember that there was a few hours delay before Neil Armstrong finally descended the ladder and put his feet on the lunar surface, uttering his famous phrase. We saw this live on BBC TV although the images weren’t very clear at the time. So ‘I know because I was there’.

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  1. Just thinking aloud I believe it was shown live on BBC 2 but can’t be 100% certain.


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