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I am Robert Slinn, a Chemistry Author and Researcher I have always been interested in Chemistry, stimulated by a very enthusiastic teacher at school where I studied GCE ‘A-level’ Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Not happy with my Maths and Physics grades in 1965 however, I entered industry directly at age 18, continuing my education on a part-time basis to first graduate GRSC and then research postgraduate MPhil degrees. In 1985 I became a Chartered Chemist and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (CChem MRSC).

Work History

On leaving school, I entered the food and pharmaceutical industry directly and to date have worked over 45 years in both industry and academe (and latterly in publishing) for several organizations, principally in research-based roles. While employed at Fisons Pharmaceuticals on organic synthesis for the sodium cromoglycate (Intal) asthma project, and later as a research chemist for food contaminants at the British Pepper & Spice Company, through both industrial sponsorships and solely by continuing part-time study, I studied for the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) graduateship (GRSC) exams (1980) and later obtained a part-time research Masters higher degree (MPhil, CNAA, 1984), title ‘Identification, Determination and Origin of Trace Contaminants in Spice Extracts‘. From 1985, I qualified as a Chartered Chemist and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (CChem MRSC), and later obtained a part-time F.E. teaching qualification in 1993. Since first entering industry in 1965, I have acquired extensive laboratory-based experience in both organic synthesis and analysis, and specialized in GC, GC-MS, consultancy, and analytical methods development for foods, pharmaceuticals, and product licensing. I was a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool, and author of the annual Physical Methods chapter in the RSC’s Specialist Periodical Report “Organophosphorus Chemistry“. My Publications list is here

Online Activities

Currently, my interests also include Chemistry blogs and I used to contribute daily to the Slinn Pickings column via the partner sites ChemSpy and Reactive Reports. I also made two recent contributions as both technical consultant (with David Bradley Sciencebase ) and researcher for The Bedside Book of Chemistry (Levy), and The Changing Role of Chemistry in Drug Discovery (also with David Bradley).

I am now officially retired as from 2015 but still actively involved in writing blogs particularly for MyRSC and also keep active on other social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, where I comment, communicate and share information with colleagues, friends and the public. My links to these sites are listed elsewhere and on My interest is still in drug discovery.

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