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Back to grass roots

As I think I mentioned at the very start of my original blog, my favourite job position (during the late 1960s) involved ‘inhalation’/anti-asthmatic drug discovery research at Fisons Pharmaceuticals, then based in a lovely art-deco building (Admin) and the extensive lab annexes, alongside a small manufacturing plant at London Rd, Holmes Chapel (Photo 1).

Mainly due to success with sodium cromoglycate, the Fisons Pharma R&D sections relocated to Loughborough to extensive new facilities (where I transferred) whereas the manufacturing plant stayed in Holmes Chapel. Alongside this iconic building was built a modern complex but which, sadly after the Fisons Group takeover in 1995, became Rhone-Poulenc Rorer then later Sanofi-Aventis and now (to my surprise) is part of Recipharm who are also into inhalation drugs.

Looking at Google Earth last night, I was very saddened to see that the art-deco iconic old Fisons admin building and all outbuildings have now been completely demolished and now is just open land (Photo 2) which presumably will be acquired for housing, if it’s not already been thus allocated. Let’s hope that Recipharm can continue in Fisons footsteps.

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